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[Mar. 16th, 2008|10:19 pm]
Babies born in 2005!!!


[mood |draineddrained]

If you're a mommy, you know that when it comes to your kids, the buck stops here.  It doesn't matter how many family members are willing to help or how many wonderful people you have in your life; when all is said and done, it's up to you to make sure everyone is taken care of.  Just try handing off a tired/cranky infant and see how long you last before bursting back into the room in order to calm him down (even if he won't calm down any sooner in your arms -- you just have to do something).  Put the migrane headache on hold, too... or better yet, go ahead and hold that crying infant right up next to your head and maybe the deafening sound will teach it a lesson: you can throb all you want, head, I'm not paying any more attention to you... I've got a child who needs me.  No, you can't decide how to spend your time... you are merely given permission.  Ah the shackles of love.  If it weren't for the knowledge that this too would pass, I think I might pass on the whole thing.  

But children grow up all too soon (so I'm told).  Right before your tired eyes, they turn into little men and women.  They amaze your ringing ears with phrases that never entered your mind before.  And all too soon, their tiny hugs will be replaced by anxiously-awaited phone calls from college or elsewhere.  I'm sorry... I can't finish this post.  I need to go watch my sleeping children and thank God I get to be their mommy.